Nov 3, 2008

Election 08 for fashionistas (and nerds)

Who said that a presidential election can't be fashionable? I know that it's probably too late to order anything now and get it in time for the election (considering the election being tomorrow and all), but it doesn't stop me (or us) for having a look at these thing. This would never have happend in DK durring an election though. Ann Hand has been selling all these election gadgets from her website. Personally I like the gold "Hope" necklace. You can see and buy all the things at

McCain or Obama Candidate-Pin with Swarovski crystals on a silverplate setting, 45 $ (268 DKK)
Palin or Biden Candidate-Pin, 35 $ (209 DKK)
Obama's "Hope" necklace cast in bronze, 50 $ (298 DKK)

McCain or Obama Fashion Sunglasses cystallized with Swarovski, 175 $ (1043 DKK )

The Obama watch, 50 $ (298 DKK)

The website, Ann Hand, even has it's own poll on how many pins they have sold to support each candidate. And at the moment the poll looks like this:

Obama 3648
McCain 2038
Palin 129
Biden 52


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