Dec 11, 2008

Celebrities in clothes you can afford # 1 - H&M

Most of the time celebrities wear clothes we can only dream of affording some day. But sometimes they wear cheap and affordable clothes just like you and me. The next couple of days I'm gonna show you celebrities in highstreet brands that we all know. Let's start with celebrities in H&M:

Ashleey Tisdale and Nicky Hilton - both in the same dress from H&M

Jennifer Connelly in leather dress from H&M Divided exclusive holiday collection 2008

Rihanna at a H&M event in a H&M dress

First Lady-to-be Michelle Obama in a dress from H&M

It's also on tv shows you can find celebs in H&M. Here it's Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny) on the show Gossip Girl who's in a dress from H&M Trend

This is another one from the tv show Gossip Girl. Leighton Meester (aka Blair Waldorf) is holding a clutch from H&M.

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