Dec 21, 2008

Gran Canaria, here I come!

Gran Canaria

Oh I'm counting the days! Me and Mr. Boyfriend have just paid for a very cheap cancellation holiday to the sunny island Gran Canaria! We're going there for a week in the beginning of january and I can't wait! I'm so sick of this cold and windy weather (but not the eartquake - how did I manage to sleep through that??!) and I need the sun.

We're going to stay on the southern part of Gran Canaria - near the area of Playa del Inglés and Playa Maspalomas. We're planning on seeing other parts of the island too - most likely Las Palmas (I know people who live there).

I'm counting the days... 19 days to go. Less than 3 weeks :D
Are any of you going anywhere warm this winter to get away for a short while to get some sun?

Playa del Inglés

Mountains in the middle of the island

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