Dec 30, 2008

Latest buy: H&Ms spring collection

... is now a part of my closet! When I saw the pictures from H&Ms new spring collection I absolutely fell in love with this 50s inspired floral dress. It's amazing!

I got my hands on it today. You can buy it on their online shop but since I want to bring it with me to Gran Canaria it wouldn't work with the online shop - they don't deliver it until week 3 and that's too late for me. Luckly the had it in my local H&M shop.

It's a bit small fitted - especially around the bust. I'm normally a size 38/40 and I had to get this in a size 40 - and it's still a bit tight around the bust. So if you have big boobs I would probably recommed that you go a size up! As you can see in my photos the colours is a bit darker than on the pictures from the website. Especially the purple colour is much darker in real life. But it's stille gorgeous! It reminds me of a dress that the character "Søs" has on in the "Far til 4"-movie "Julebal i Nisseland" - I've tried to find a picture, but I couldn't.

Are you going to buy anything from the H&M spring collection?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Meget sødt.. og old school. :-)

Er slet ikke begyndt at tænke på forårsgarderoben endnu.. men burde måske.