Dec 1, 2008

What a voice! - watch this!

I was so amazed by her voice when I saw this video on youtube. It's so amazing!
It's Leona Lewis - she won the UK X Factor 2 years ago. This is her new single "Run" (it was originally a song by the band Snow Patrol) and she makes it so much her own. Keep in mind that this performance is LIVE! It's not playback... I predict that she will be one of the next big divas of the decade or longer.

What do you think? Just as amazed by her voice? Like the new version of the song?

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Anne said...

Okay, this is a very hard situation for me. I absolutely love Leona Lewis. I think she's got such a beatiful voice! But i'm also a huge fan of Snow Patrol.

This song first of all means more to me than just a song. You have songs that do that. Reminds you of something. And to be honest I can't have other people doing those songs as coversongs. I really can't take it. No matter how beatiful she can sing it. It's just not right for me. I couldn't even listen to it all. But I think it's just cause this songs is special to me, and i'm so in love with the original one, that i don't want people to touch it. So Leona, keep up the good work, but do your own songs!