Jan 8, 2009

Herve Leger look-a-likes on Asos

The celebs love Herve Leger

Sophia Bush and Mandy Moore in Herve Leger (not sure that Sophias dress is a Herve... it looks kinda cheap)

2008 was the year of Herve Leger. Everywhere on the red carpet you saw celebrities wearing one Herve Leger dress after the other. Hollywood stars was in love with the body-hugging dresses, but they also have a whole another kinda of cash flow than you and me. If you want a real Herve Leger you can buy different styles on net-a-porter.com (direct link to their Herve Leger styles: http://www.net-a-porter.com/Shop/Designers/Herve_Leger/All), but if you're a student or just don't have 1500-2500 euro for a dress then I have good news for you! The english brand Lipsy has made some dress that resembles Herve Legers style A LOT. You can buy them on asos.com. I would buy one my self if I had the body for it, but in my oppion dresses like these requires a KILLER body because they're so tight.

Lipsy Knitted Bra Cup Dress at asos.com, 509 DKK

Lipsy Seam Detail Tight Fit Dress at asos.com, 430 DKK

Lipsy Zip Back Tight Stretch Body Con Dress, on sale at asos.com 320 DKK

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