Jan 25, 2009

My new-found love > Primark gladiators

Primark gladiators black - my new babies!

Gucci Babouska Studded Sandal - they look a lot like the ones from Primark, right?

They're FINALLY mine. The Primark gladiator heels which are a knock off of a pair of Gucci heels. (I actually think that the Primark-version is the coolest one). I've searched for them on ebay in ages (trying not to pay a total overprice). 2 minutes ago they became mine when I won an auktion on ebay yeah. I'm so happy right... I'm gonna love them forever... or at least for the rest of the year! Gladiator sandals/heels were very in last season and it should be just as in this coming season. I can't wait to recieve them.

(They're also a brown version as you see on the picture below. I just liked the black ones more).

Primark gladiators brown version


lizzcouture said...

Damn you're so lucky!
Someone outbid me when i tried to get them, i'm actually obsessed with them, i neeeeed a pair!!

Carly said...

I got the black ones today from Primark after searching high and low last year

Miss Jeanett said...

Yeah I'm really happy. There's a lot on ebay right now (both in black and in brown). Just search for "primark gladiator"

Anonymous said...

I work for Primark and we still have them in store in Chatham!