Jan 4, 2009

Whitney Port - The City

If you have ever watch the reality show The Hills on MTV then you know who Whitney Port is. Now she has her own show The City and it aired last monday. I've just watched the first two episodes online and I'm pleasantly surprised! I'm actually getting tired of the people on The Hills and I think it's refreshing to watch some new people now (my guess is also that the upcoming 5th season of The Hills will be the last). Whitney has always been one of my favorite persons on The Hills - she seems a bit more mature than the rest of the cast on that show. Now she has moved to New York because she was offered a job at DvF (Diana Von Furstenberg).

Olivia, Whitney and Erin on The City

Whitney is also more interesting than Lauren from The Hills from a fashion point of view. Lauren is always so safe, oftently too "cute" and sometimes boring - Whitney on the other hand takes chances and is a bit more daring and interesting when it comes to what she's wearing.

You can watch the episodes of The City here: http://www.mtv.com/ontv/dyn/the-city/series.jhtml

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