Feb 16, 2009

2 new Lady Gaga musicvideos...

... one for her next single down under (Australia) and one for the US and Europe. Don't know why she chose two different songs - she must think that US/Europe and Australia has different taste in music.

The first one "Love Game" is the next single for US/Europe. It's easy to see that she was inspired by Michael Jacksons video for "Bad". I love the fact that she dances more in this video! And I still love her weird outfits! This is also my favorite song out of these two singles.

The second one "Eh Eh (Nothing else I can say)" is her new single in Australia. This one is more fun and sweet - very 50s/60s styled video. It's fun to see a more sweet Gaga than the maneating-kind we're used to. But I still love bitchy/bad-Gaga more.

What do you think about her new videos? Which one do you like more? And which song do you like the most?

Lady Gaga - Love Game

Lady Gaga - Eh Eh (Nothing else I can say)

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