Feb 20, 2009

Gina Tricot webshop

This week the Gina Tricot webshow FINALLY opened! I have really been looking forward to this since we don't have Gina Tricot here in Odense. But I have to say I was pretty disappointed about the selection online. I think I've seen a lot of great stuff that girlfriends of mine have found in Gina Tricot, but I think a lot of the things on the webshop looks cheap (even cheaper than they actually are) and the pictures are horrible. I hate the overview of the things - why can we only see half a dress? It's pretty annoying that we have to click on every single dress to see the full dress. When that is said then I'm just gonna show you a couple of the things I found interesting, but not interesting enough to buy... yet.

I was actually gonna buy a long sweater/dress but when I came back to the page then it was gone. If any of you have a picture of it then I would be greatful because then I can try and search for it at sites as trendsales.dk. It was knitted, white and black (white at the top and black at the bottom) - the black was "going up" as triangles. And I think the price was something like 299 DKK. Thanks!

Here's my favorites and you can go a find your own favorites at the webshop here (if you're not from Denmark then you have to change country before shopping).

Denim-look leggings with zippers - 159 DKK

Grey jersey dress - 129 DKK

Long sweater with sequin shoulders - 299 DKK

Denim-look jersey skirt with zipper - 159 DKK

Tan purse with studds - 129 DKK


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Anonymous said...

Hi! The picture of the gina tricot model, is that white dress with silver on it from now? i absolutely love the dress! i looked at the ginatricot website but the dress isnt there :( Do you know if its from an old collection or from now?

Miss Jeanett said...

@ Anonymous
That dress is very old - it think it's from last summer. Sorry.