Feb 7, 2009

My latest buys: Fringes and leopard

Sorry I'm so bad at blogging these days, but my new study takes up all my energy. But I do manage to find some time to do some shopping haha. Here's my latest buys:

Redken Extreme conditioner

I've already got the shampoo and I love it. My hair feels smooth, silky and it looks so much healthier. And I got it for a bargain-price on ebay!

Leopard cardigan

I'm in a leopard-mood the these. First I bought my Primark leopard flats and now this cardigan. I got it for practically nothing on ebay.

Friis & Company pleather fringe bag (the large size), 299 DKK

I've been in love with this bag since I saw it in my local Friis & Company store just before christmas and now I decided that it had to be mine! I can't wait to use it! (Picture is borrow from other blog)

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