Feb 24, 2009

Outfit of the day # 22

I've been so lazy lately - vacations do that to me! But now I'm sick and very bored so I thought I would try to get up to date with posting all these "Outfit of the day" that I forgot to post.

This one is from thursday - went to a "Winter Sucks-party" with all the MMDs (multimedia designers). Point of fashion: Wanted to feel girly in a dress, but tried to make it more casual and laid back with the cardigan and the flats (and a good thing that I went with flats that night - we danced a LOT!).
And FYI: I'm selling that cardigan again... it so doesn't look good on me!

What I'm wearing:
Black babydoll dress from H&M
Black tights from H&M
Leo cardigan, unknown/found on Ebay UK
Leo flats from Primark
Bracelet from asos.com
Yellow-ish pearl earrings, found on trendsales.dk
Nail polish from Barry M, colour: Rich grey
Silver ring, gift from Mr. Boyfriend

Me, being a papparazzia at the party

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