Feb 16, 2009

Zuhair Murad for Mango

Yellow bow dress - 699 DKK
Bracelet - 249 DKK

Ahhhh I love love LOVE Zuhair Murad. The brand makes the most beautiful redcarpet dresses and now it's possible for us mortal people to get some of that stardust in our everyday-life. Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad has made a collection together with the highstreet fashion brand Mango. The collection is made specially for stores in Arabic countries (available from 15th of february), but some of the items will be available for all of us at the online netshop. The price range goes from 249 DKK to 1999 DKK so everybody has a chance to get some Zuhair Murad-magic! I've written under each picture which items are available online.

Here's some of the pictures from this collection. My favorite is the long lavender one-shoulder dress, the red strapless dress and the big pearl statement necklace. Which are your favorites? Are you gonna buy any of these items?

Lavender one shoulder dress - 999 DKK
Bracelet -
249 DKK
Bracelet -
349 DKK

(The dress is available at the online shop)

Floral printed top - 599 DKK
Long floral printed skirt - 999 DKK

(Both things - skirt and top - are available at the online shop)

Red strapless dress - 899 DKK
Necklace - 449 DKK
Bracelet - 449 DKK

Pale blue dress - 699 DKK

(Dress is available at the online shop, but only in black! And let me know if any of you see this necklace anywhere... I need to have it!!)

One shoulder sequined dress - 999 DKK
Bracelet - 249 DKK


Fashion Moment said...

I really like these dresses!
Please tell me, how much Euro is 250 DKK?


Miss Jeanett said...

250 dkk is around 33 euro. I hope that was any help to you! :)

Anne said...

Gorgeous dresses i must say! I really love the red one, shame it's not possible to buy though... But great designs!