Mar 31, 2009

Agent Provocateur swimwear 09

Even though it's not summer yet then I've already started to think about what kind of swimwear I want this year - especially since I'm going to somewhere warm this year (I'm going to Cyprus, yeah!). I haven't decided yet, but I really like a lot of the pieces from Agent Provocateurs 2009 swimwear collection. Esepecially the 3 swimsuits on the first picture and the black bikini and one-piece suit on the first picture after this text.

What do you think of these pieces? What type of swimwear are you going for this year?

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Anne said...

Swimwear, always important when the summer comes along. I must admit i haven't start looking myself, yet...
When it comes to swimsuits i'm not sure i really like them so much. If i should say something good about them it is that they in some way are really hot and sexy. But as i only have the summer to get a bit of colour i prefer a bikini where as much of my body can get some sun!!