Mar 3, 2009

Latest buy: Self-pity shopping at ASOS

I've now been on/off sick for 9 days and I'm really, really tired of it. First of all it's not fun being sick and I'm really bored (good thing I started watching LOST or else I would have gone insane by now). I'm also really sad about missing out on classes and on the sociale-time with my still new-classmates. We have tomorrow of so I really hope I'm up and ready for classes thursday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Well, the dangerous part about being sick is all the time you suddently have on your hands to surf on the net - which means that you'll stumble over a lot of nice things that you want to buy. And that's what happened for me at today; some self-pity shopping. I'm planning on useing the top for school with a waist belt and jeans or leggings. The earrings were just too beautiful to go by. And with the 20% discount code I have then it cost me less than 200 DKK for everything including postage, nice.
I found the white Asos shirt on ebay - also perfect with my studded waist belt and a pair of jeans (and notice that it's the same model - the picture with the white shirt is just older and she has long here in it...)

Do you do pity-shopping when you're sick or sad?

Asos dark leopard t-shirt - 18 £
Get it here

Asos stone flower earrings - 6 £
Get them here

Asos white shirt - found on Ebay UK

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Milla said...

Jeg shopper også når jeg er syg :blush: .. i går blev det til en topshop top! ;) lækre køb i øvrigt!