Mar 20, 2009

Live-blogging from Milan, Italy!

Hi guys!

Right now I'm on my bed in a 4-star hotel in Milan, Italy. I've just finished dinner which was some yummy italian pizzas that we got as takeaway from the restaurant around the corner. They were pretty delicious.

Today we have seen the Milan Duomo; we went into the church and up on the roof. It was an amazing view from up there!
After that we went to Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II which is a big shopping area, but the building is very old and very beautiful. This is also where I ran into Erin Lucas from the reality tvshow The City (runs on mtv - you can watch it on mtv's site). I talked to her a bit, but I'll tell you more (and post the pictures I got with her) when I get home. She was very sweet! She was with her father who's a member of AC/DC.

The City-girls: Olivia, Whitney and Erin

Erin Lucas

The rest of the afternoon we spent with shopping. I bought a skirt, some hairbands and a pair of shoes. And Mr. Boyfriend gave me a pair of shoes too - I'm so much in love with them! Can't wait to show them to you all!

Now we're just relaxing at our hotel. We bought some time to go on the net (VERY expensive) so we can get in touch with the world a bit.

I hope I get to blog tomorrow too... or else I'll blog when I get home on monday!

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