Mar 26, 2009

Sex and the City: The movie 2 *SPOILERS!!*

I promissed myself that when I read the news that they were going to make a Sex and the City: The Movie 2 that I wasn't going to read any spoilers. They haven't even started filming yet and I've already broken my promiss... ooops! Don't read any futher if you don't wanna know the plot.

All these spoilers are from Grazia. First of all some parts of the movie are taking place in London, UK which means that the cast will be there filming for six weeks during the next couple of months. The plot is roughly that Mr. Big gets hit by the financial crisis and looses all his money. He gets an offer for a job in London, UK which he has to accept since his pretty screwed financially. While Big's in London he tells Carrie over the phone that he has slept with another woman and she goes to London to talk to him about it. Before she gets to do that she discovers that she's pregnant!! Oh the drama!

What do you think of this spoiler? Personally I hate that Big is unfaithfull to Carrie. I know they had to come up with some kind of dramatic storyline to make people go to the movies and watch it. I just wish they would have chosen any other kind of twist than Big cheating on Carrie. Why not the other way around? That would be so much more interesting. I'm sick of seeing Carrie as "the poor one" in that relationship. And how many more chances does Mr. Big get? I've always been a Carrie-Aidan fan. He was so good for her!


Sarah Maria said...

Couldn't agree more! If she was the one cheating, and she found out she was pregnant, they could even incooporate the who's the baby daddy storyline. Bit dramatic, but hey. :-D

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Miss Jeanett said...

Uh good idea! We should write to the producers of the movie :)

Sure, I'll check out your blog!

Anonymous said...

I really don't think they'll make Big cheat on Carrie.. cheating is too overdone on this show/movie so it's already wayyy too predictable, especially between Big & Carrie. like in the first movie they made Steve cheat on Miranda, but that was unexpected so I was OK with that. Also, SJP said she wouldn't do a storyline for the 2nd movie where she was pregnant, so I think that's out.

Miss Jeanett said...

Anonymous - hmmm I'm sorry to say but all the spoilers I keep on reading these days do indicate that Big IS gonna cheat on Carrie. But I agree with you - it's stupid storyline. I have some new spoilers and I'll post them later today!