Mar 8, 2009

Sunday Shoes # 1

I've been thinking a lot about new things I could do on the blog. And I'm now starting what I have chosen to call "Sunday Shoes". Each sunday from today I'll show you a pair of shoes from my big collection. Most girls love shoes and I'm no exception. I'll show some few pictures, write where I got them, how old they are, price and show a picture or two where I'm wearing them in an outfit (if I have any pictures like that). I hope you'll enjoy this new feature on the blog. I know I have enough shoes to keep on going each sunday for the rest of 2009... So enjoy!

Bought: On
Brand: Asos' own brand
Bought in which year: 2006
Size: UK 7
Colour: Red (covered in sequins)
Height of heels: 10 cm / 4 inches
Price: Not sure, but I got it on sale though. It was somewhere between 150-200 DKK (18-24 £ / 25-33 $ / 20-27 €)

These red sequined beauties are from I haven't used them that much, but I don't feel like not having them as an option so I'm keep them in my shoe-closet. I don't remember the price, but they were cheap because I do remember that I got them on sale. I had to have them since they reminded me of Dorothy's red shoes in the Wizard of Oz movie from 1939.


Anonymous said...

can you do a post on your primark studded beauties? pretty please. :)

Miss Jeanett said...

Sure! I'll do them next sunday! :)