Apr 2, 2009

The death of another Angel-cast member

Some of you may have noticed that I'm a huge fan of the tv show Buffy the vampire slayer. And when the spin-off Angel aired I was of course a regular viewer too (mostly because Angel alias David Boreanaz is danm hot!). That's why I was so sad to hear yesterday that ANOTHER member of the cast had past away. This time it was the american actor Andy Hallett who past away of an age of only 33. Some of you may remember him as Angel's green demon friend Lorne who could read people's minds and tell what was in their future when they sang (mostly karaoke haha). He suffered from heart failure and died on march 29th in Los Angeles.

Andy Hallett (1975-2009)

Maybe some of you are now thinking "Who was the other cast member that died from that show?" and I'll refresh your minds. In december 2002 irish actor Glenn Quinn died from a heroin overdose. He was 32 years old. He played Doyle in the Angel series - a good friend of Angel's and he was in love with Cordelia. He actually also died in the series.

David Boreanaz and Glenn Quinn (1970-2002)

I sure hope that the cast of Angel aren't cursed. It's scary that two of the cast members dies not many years a part and at almost the same age. RIP.


Scarlett said...


Didn't know sweet "Lorne" has died... sad!

I like Angel indeed, but I'm mostly a Buffy-girl myself. I was on the Angel/Buffy wagon for a long time until I got tired of all the angst.
There was more fun in Spike and Buffy. All wrong and just so funny and hot. But that's always been the big argue among fans, so lets not go there :-) I'ts nice to meet a fellow Buffyfan. We are many and yet so silent hehe...

iheikwhchuaxjxerf said...

that is so weird, i was thinking the same thing about how strange it was that the cast members from Angel had passed away and that there was a curse or something, lets just hope David won't be the next one to pass along, and R.I.P Andy and Glenn

Miss Jeanett said...

Scarlett - I've always been a Buffy/Angel. I thought that Buffy/Spike was so weird, wrong and stupid. But yeah let's not get into that futher more. As you said - it's nice to know that there are more Buffy fans out there! :)

And let's hope no more from that cast dies too early.