Apr 8, 2009

Season 5 of The Hills

... aired this week and I saw the first 2 episodes last night. (You can watch all the episodes on MTV's site ). Wow and the drama is intense just from the start! I don't know where to begin...

On Spencer+Heidi: I bet all in this world hate Spencer and I'm no exception. What an idiot! He's flirting and almost cheating on Heidi ON TV??!? How stupid is he? She's gonna see this eventually. And I don't get why she's not leaving him, I really don't. When she confronted him with all the rumors about his flirt with the bartender then he turned it around and made it sound like she was the idiot for not trusting him. I'm speechless... and don't even get me started on Spencer hitting Stepahanies ex!

Audrina: Still don't know where she has Justin Bobby... surprise!

Stephanie: Finally standing up for herself in her dissussion with Spencer. Good job Stephanie!

Lo: Seem's like she's the only sane one in this realityshow...

Brody: Why did he even meet with Spencer?? And why the hell did he say to Spencer that he still considers him as a friend??!

Lauren: I'm sick of Lauren. I know a lot of the fans of the show LOOOOOVE Lauren, but I'm sick of her. She's SO self-rightious. Heidi really, really wants to be her friend again and Lauren just acts like she's queen of the world. And the way she acting with Stephanie when she was bitching about the fact that Steph brought Heidi - one word: biaaaaatch!

My wishes for this coming season:

- Audrina gets over Justin Bobby for good
- Heidi and Lauren become friends again
- Heidi breaks up with Spencer (yeah right, like that's ever gonna happen!)
- Brody gets a brain that actually works

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