Sep 30, 2009

The Hills and The City

I'm still not feeling super so I spending the night with the new episodes of The Hills and The City. You can watch them here too if you haven't wacthed them yet (The Hills above and The City futher down).


Jeg har det stadig ikke super, så jeg bruger resten af aftenen i selskabet med slænget fra hhv. The Hills og The City. Hvis i ikke har set dem endnu, så er de her! (The Hills øverst og The City nederst). God fornøjelse :)


Megan Wolf said...

haven't watched the new Hills yet. did you like it? I grew up with Kristen Cavallari, she moved after middle school to live with her dad in CA. and seriously she was a biatch back then. I was an 8th grade cheerleader and she was a 7th grade cheerleader and she had SUCH attitude. ick. anyways, don't think it will be as good without LC :(


Miss Jeanett said...

@ Megan
Hmm.. don't know if I liked it. I actually enjoyed the first episode of The City more than the one form The Hills. I think MTV went to far by bringing Kristen into The Hills. It seems like they needed more drama and went looking for it - the whole storyline seems SO forced now. Wow, didn't know you knew her! So she's actually as big a bitch as we see on tv?


Anonymous said...

kan man se dem i danmark?