Oct 12, 2008

Britney's hot new video - but not that great of a song...

First of all I've desided to try to blog as much in as possible in english. Mostly because I've friends in both the US and Canada and it would be great if they could read my blog once in a while too. And secondly it would be good for me and the classes I'm taking to practice my english even more. So it's a win-win situation!

Britney's new video for her song "Womanizer" premiered this friday (10/10 '08). The song is her first single from her upcoming album Circus. The video is hot - Britney looks amazing. And I don't think there's any doubt that she looks best as blonde! But the song... how should I put this... I've never thought that I should say this, but when I first heard it I thought: "What a piece of crap". Seriously, the chorus is horrible... come on Brit! But I must admit that I hate it less and less each time I hear it. It will never become my favorite-Bit Bit song though. I'm hoping that the album will be better.

And here's the link. Some of you will be asked to log into your youtube account before getting permission to watch the video. "Viewer discretion is advised" - the americans are a bit touchy sometimes. Ahhh I love Europe! Enjoy!


You've got the swagger of a champion
To bad for you You just can't find the right companion
I guess when you have one too many, makes it hard, it could be easy
Who you are, that's just who you are, baby

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