Nov 10, 2008

Autum - I hate it

It gets colder, it gets darker earlier and earlier and there can be days where you don't see the sun. I hate autum. The only 2 things I like about it is the pretty colours of all the autum leaves falling of the trees and the fact that autum's still warmer than winter. I don't hate winter more even though it's colder because winter has snow (which is SO beautiful), holidayparties (julefrokoster), time off from work and school, christmas and new years. I hate january and february though - then all the fun is over (christmas and new years) and in january you're totally broke because you spent all your money (and a bit more) on christmasgifts and new years dresses. February is just an "in between month" between the holidays and spring. I can't wait for it to be spring and summer again... but the songs like the one in my submission under this one helps - it makes me dream of travelling and countries with warm sand and beaches *sigh*

How do I get through it every year? I daydream, I party and I shop. Like these babies which I bought today - YEAH! I can't wait to wear them.

Deichmann dark purple satin heels, 199 DKK

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