Nov 15, 2008

Try again, Asos!

Every year around this time releases a LUXE collection in time for all the holidayparties. It's always more glamorous and a bit more expensive compared to their everyday prices. They released this years line this week and boy am I disappointed. So far it's so ugly and tasteless. Try again, Asos! It's just too much; too many details on every piece, too much bling-bling and some of the garments just don't make any sense. They are totally over-designed and over-worked. Take a look at these:

ASOS Luxe Scatter Sequin Waterfall Dress, 90 £ (855 DKK)

ASOS Luxe Net Sequin Tiered Mini Dress, 90 £ (855 DKK)

ASOS Luxe Corsage Feather Dress, 90 £ (855 DKK)

There's only one of the dresses I would be caught dead wearing and it is this next one. I don't love and I don't hate it. But I still wouldn't pay the price they're asking for:

ASOS Luxe Pleated Prom Dress, 85 £ (808 DKK)

What do you think about it? Are you planning on buying any of them?
XOXO Jeanett


Natassia said...

Enig! Der sker alt for meget på en gang. De er over-done!

Jeanett D said...

Ja, meget enig. Især nr. 2 jeg viser - den er direkte hæslig.