Dec 16, 2008

Celebrities in clothes you can afford # 2 - Topshop

It's time for another one of these. As I said the last time when I did one of these with H&M; it's nice to see when the stars are wearing nice clothes that we all can afford. Today it's stars in clothes from the british high street brand Topshop. Do you wish that any of these clothes were hanging in your closet?

Solange Knowles in green prom dress from Topshop. The dress is really cute but it's too bad that it looks way to short on Solang.

You can also find clothes from Topshop on the set of the tv hit show Gossip Girl. Here it's Taylor Momsen in a grey lace dress from Topshop.

Mischa Barton is looking super cute in this Topshop dress with star print. I would love to have this one my self!

Kelly Osbourne is looking very ladylike and sophisticated in this dress from Topshop.

Britney is very rocker-chick in this outfit with a long t-shirt from Topshop. You can still get this top at

Katy Perry was wearing a hairband with a huge pink bow from Topshop when she was the hostess of this years MTV Awards.

Lindsay Lohan in a blue sequin dress with bow detail from Topshop

Kate Moss in a black dress from Topshop

Kira Knightley in floral chiffon blouse from Topshop


Anne said...

It's actually really nice to see people wear Topshop clothes. It's a good inspiration. Working in Topshop i often see clothes and think that it's a bit too much and over the top, or I can't really imagine how it would look great. But I must admit the first dress looks cool with the belt. We've got it in blue in Magasin Odense, but it's just so colourful, i'm not really sure it's me. But looks cool anyway.

Miss Jeanett said...

I agree - the green dress is cute. But I actually think I would love it in blue even more! And I think you would look great in it, Anne. The colour would be gorgeous on you!

I love th grey lace dress that Taylor Momsen is wearing too.

And I love almost everything from the collections that Kate Moss has done for Topshop - the styles are SO gorgeous!