Dec 17, 2008

Quote of the day - Lily Allen

I got the idea of doing a "Quote of the day"-blog once in a while. I will be quoting both celebs, politicians and friends (so be aware of what you say - haha).

Here's todays quote from british singer Lily Allen:

"Madonna is the most overrated artist of all time. Britney is a goddess and her new album is amazing."

Lily Allen to BBC

I couldn't agree more. I absolutely HATE Madonna. Yeah, she was big in the 80s - and I get that. She made great music back then. Now she's just an old, ugly and nasty lady who can't seem to get that she's not 20 anymore. I'm sick of her skimpy outfits and botox-filled face. And her music has sucked a lot the last couple of years. Britney on the other hand is back and hotter than ever. I love Bit-Bit. Do you agree with her (and me)?


Anne said...

You are so right about Madonna! I couldn't agree more! What is wrong with her?! I really can't have her. Why is it she thinks she can get away with wearing what she's wearing and doing what she's doing, it's all so so wrong! Come on old lady, grow up! I'm sure she can still look pretty being old, but all the botox really is too much!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree! madonna doesn't even sing well..