Dec 17, 2008

Top 6 Best Britney videos - EVER!

I'm sick and I'm really bored - so I'm totally spamming my own blog tonight - sorry. I don't think there's any doubt about Britney being back and hotter than ever, but lets look back on all of her videos. I've chosen my personal 6 favorite Britney videos. It's NOT necessarily the 6 best songs - I've just chosen these mainly because of the videos, not the songs. Here's my list and why I've chosen them:


I still get goosebumbs when I watch this video. Brit looks hot and the dance sequenses with the chair and the cane are so cool! (Press play to see the video)


One of Britneys biggest hits ever - and I understand why! The songs is SO great, Britney looks INCREDIBLE, the "story" in the vid is funny and the video looks expensive. (Press Play to see the video)

I'm A Slave 4 U

One of Brits other big hits. Again, she looks amazing and I love the dance sequenses and the VERY sexy vibe the whole video has.

Someday (I Will Understand)

I bet some of you are thinking "Why the hell did she puts this video on the list?". Well, I think it's beautiful. I love the fact that they made it in black and white. And I remember what Britney looked like at this time; she was pregnant with her first boy and she gained a LOT of weight. On every papparrazzi photo from this periode she looked like crap, but then she made this video... and wow, she looks amazing, calm and so gracefull. FYI: Britney wrote this song her self.

Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

It's not one of my favorit songs, but the scenery is fantastic.


Britneys newest single from her new album. Brit looks amazing, I love the outfits, the circus theme, the dance sequenses... but most of all I love the scenes with Britney in the small sparkly outfit with the firework in the back.

Do you love my list? Or do you think there's some videos missing? Which Britney video is your favorite?

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