Dec 22, 2008

Reviews of my latest purchases

I love shopping online - I can find everything I like from my couch... oh joy! I recieved these today:

I've just recieve this oversized grey top with lace back Topshop. It's just as gorgeous as on the pictures from the Topshop website. It's a bit big though and I could probably have used a size smaller. But I'm just gonna use it with a black belt to give my body some shape. It costs 28 £ and it's still on the webpage. You can find it here:

I've also recieved this dress from French Connection UK - bought on ebay UK. The seller must clearly has been very confused when she listed the add with the dress on ebay because it's not the same colour as in the picture she used in the add (the pic on the left). On her picture the colours were very blue and my dress is grey (pictures on the right). Other thing is that she wrote it was a size UK 10 (euro/danish 38), but when I got the dress it was a size UK 6 (euro/danish 34) - so I was in shock! There's no way I could fit a size 6... but I did! - as you can see in the picture. Very weird...

... what do you think of my purchases?

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