Dec 23, 2008

Worst dressed in 2008

2008 is almost over and every year these "Worst dressed" and "Best dressed"-lists are made. And my blog is no exception. I'm starting with the worst dressed of 2008. Some celebs makes mistakes from time to time and other celebs just have bad taste. Sometimes I wonder if any of these people own a mirror (or a stylist)?

What makes it a bad outfit? Well sometimes the outfit is just plain-ugly - other times it's because of styling or because it fits the person wearing it very badly. It could also be two beautiful pieces (maybe a skirt and jacket) that are gorgeous on their own, but when put together makes a big ugly mess.

These are the 12 Worst dressed in 2008 in my oppinion. They're in random order! Do you agree with me?

Dana Delaney in Pucci

I seriously don't know what Dana (known from Desperate Housewives) was thinking when she put this on and went to a redcarpet event. Seriously? It looks like something someones grandmother (with bad taste) would wear. Get a stylist, Dana!

Jessica Biel in Louis Vuitton

How the hell did Jessica manage to take a very cool dress like this one and make it look as crappy as it does on her? The dress it self is not bad at all, but it fits Jessica so poorly and it looks 4 sizes to big for her. And it's SO not cute that she's doing a copy of Scarlett Johansons signature pose (her feet).

Christina Aguilera in Pucci

Maybe I'm just not a fan of Pucci's prints or maybe it's just Christina that looks like a hooker from the 80s? I'm going with the last one. I hate, hate, HATE this top/dress. And the styling too - the shoes and make-up is just SO wrong. The only good thing about this outfit is that her boobs doesn't looks as HUGE as they normally do.

Kira Kneightly in Chanel

Ehm... Kira, your dress is see-through! The dress it self is just so-so, but on Kira it's boring and the fact that the lower half is see-throug is just so tacky! If Kira had a nice body to show of then maybe the dress would have been more interesting, but she's just a stick-figure with a big hed. Eat something!

Lil Mam in ?

I really, really hope this is a joke. If not, then the joke's on her! I haven't been able to find out what the brand of this horrible and weird outfit is, but it's still ugly as hell.

Madonna in Louis Vuitton

"It's almost christmas so today I'm gonna look like a christmastree" - I guess this is what Madonna was thinking when she was putting on this dress. Either that or "tonight I wanna look like a green ostrich". And don't even get me started on her legs! If you have as ugly legs as that then you shouldn't be wearing shorts dresses like this at all!! Period! (Her hair is gorgeous though).

Solange Knowles in Armani

What is it she's wearing? A modern christmastree? Fur/feathers with bling-bling? I just don't get this outfit and it's not pretty. But I do actually feel bad for Solange. She wasn't born into a family with great fashion taste to begin with. Her mom designed most of the clothes for her sisters girlgroup Destiny's Child (I rest my case, well... not completly) and her sister actually had those outfits on!!!! Her big sis, Beyoncé is also on this list... surprise, surprise!

Christina Aguilera in Roberto Cavalli

Christina has had a very bad year fashion-wise. When she got pregnant her boobs got so ridicously huge that she look ho-ish in a lot of clothes that girls with a "normal" cup-size would look great in. But when she knows this (I'm guessing that she owns a mirror) then I just don't get why she kept showing up in lowcut AND short dresses. It doesn't get more ho-ish than this. And the colour and shape of the dress is pretty either.

Blake Lively in Vena Cava

There's another Gossip Girl-cast member on my best dressed list, but it's not Blake Lively. Blake started the year 2008 good fashion-wise. Her outfits weren't very fashion-forward, but they were cute and fittet her image as the sweet and bubbly all-american girl. But the last 2 or 3 months it has been down hill fashion-wise for Blake. It's like she's not even trying anymore. Vena Cava has made some really, really cute dresses and Blake has even worn them on the show before. But off-camera she fails big time. She looks like someone who lives in a small unknown village in this dress (and what was she thinking when she styled the dress with these boots?! OH-MY-FUCKING-GOD Blake!!).

Beyoncé Knowles in Jean Paul Gaultier

"My ass is the size of a house that's why I'm trying to attrack your attention on to my boobs and the weird sequin-fringe-thing on my legs".... and how is that working out for you, Beyoncé? The outfit looks to costumy and it looks like something her mom could have designed for her... and that's NOT a good thing!

Agyness Deyn in ??

Agyness went from unknown to supermodel-star during 2008. I think she's so hyped and overrated. And I don't get her or her style. It seems to me like she keeps insisting on turning up on the red carpet in kitchy and very ugly clothes - just because she can. And I don't get that. I know that the 80s has had a big comeback this year, but this is taking it too far and Agyness should return this skirt (and hat) to the 80s and let it stay there.

Mary-Kate Olsen in Marc Jacobs

I seriously couldn't stop laughing when I saw this picture of Mary-Kate. Did she play dress-up with some younger cousin and then forgot to change before she went out the door? I don't get the dress (ugly print and colours + it looks 4 sizes to big AND long for her) or the weird hairband she has one. So weird and not pretty.


There's always some runner-ups who doesn't make it to the list. I have two that I was considering wether or not to put on this list. They didn't make it, but I want to mention them anyway so here we go:

Taylor Momsen in ?

Other Gossip Girl-cast member on this list. All the girls wear such GORGEOUS clothes when being ON the show, but when they have to dress them selves off the camera everything goes wrong. Taylor looks like a crack-ho. The make-up is SO SO SO wrong and the dress is SO too short. And she's only 15 years old - would you even believe that from these pictures? Taylor, you're a pretty girl, but loose the heavy make-up and dress a bit more like your age.

Bai Ling in ?

EVERY single year Bai Ling makes it to every single Worst Dressed list there is on this earth. And she deserves it. I don't think I've ever seen her in a cute or gorgeous outfit. I had so many outfits to choose from when I was picky her to go on the list - every single thing she's wearing is just plan weird or ugly. I don't think she will ever change. She's like Agyness Deyn - she does it because she can. It's her thing.

Do you agree with me? Or are there some outfits you actually like on this list? Comment and let me know!!

FYI: All pictures are borrowed from Red Carpet Fashion Awards


megat said...

your blog very beautiful and more info,I like your blog

Mikkel said...

Sometimes, you just crack me up :-)
I don't know if it's because I agree, or if it's because I just have a thing for people who are ranting on about something they really, REALLY dislike... And seeing that you have a passion for fashion (oh, now I crack myself up :P), I have a feeling that it might be the latter thing that attracts me ;-)
That being said, I would have to agree with you, for the most parts about the list, except for the two Christina Aguilera pictures - she's a yummy mummy, and I actually think that she looks like a classy hoe (Just think the exact opposite of Julia Roberts in that god-awful "Pretty Woman"), but that may just be because of our opposite sex, that I see the bigger, more visible boobs as a plus ;-)
But you have to give her credit for changing her overall look quite often, and sticking with that look, 'till she finds some new fling :-)

Belle Blues said...

Thanks for a good laugh!... :)