Jan 28, 2009

I can't get enough of Miss Gaga

Lady Gaga at Nokia 5800 Launch Party in London

I admit it - I just can't get enough of Miss Gaga these days! I'm lovin' her album (hearing it on my ipod constantly) and I'm lovin' her style too. She doesn't do anything half-way, she takes it all the way when it comes to her style and fashionchoices. There's a lot of the things that she wears that I would never wear, but I admire her for having her own special style. And I'm inspired - some of the things would be very cool put together with other things. I'm still totally in love with her hair-Minnie Mouse-bow. It's so fresh.
Note to self: I need a pair of 80-ish sunglasses for the summer of 09 and I'm seriously thinking about going blonder (not platinum blond, but more blond than what I am now).

Lady Gaga on set filming her new video for her next single "Eh Eh (Nothing else I can say)". I WANT THAT JACKET!! Oh be still my heart!

Have a listen to the new single here (the real musicvideo is not available yet):


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