Jan 20, 2009

Spencer Prat - idiot of the year!

I have many reasons why I don't like Spencer Prat. And I bet a lot of you aren't his biggest fans either. For those who doesn't know him, he's on the american reality show "The Hills". You can watch all the episodes on MTVs webpage.

Well, to get to the point of this blog entry. Under the presidential election in the US Spencer and Heidi made it clear several times that they were voting and ruting for McCain & Sarah Palin. But I guess they have changed their minds and wants to be on the winning-team now that Obama's americas next president starting from tomorrow. Spencer and Heidi went biking the other day and Spencer was wearing an Obama t-shirt and Heidis t-shirt said "Barack'N N' Roll'N". Did you change your mind, Mr. & Mrs. Prat?


Anne said...

I haven't got a lot to say to this, other than you are so right!
Never have a seen such a mean person in my life. How can you live with yourself being such an ass!? I really don't get it. And Heidi isn't too clever either.. They deserve each other, being as stupid as they are!

Julie said...

I don't like him either, but it is mostly because I don't like the way he treat his sister and Heidi's sister - he's just awful.