Jan 20, 2009

Michelle Obamas ceremony-outfit

I've been looking forward to this day. Barack Obama is now president of the united states and from here it can only get better. I do believe in the change he has talked so much about, but I want to ask you all to be patient and remember that change doesn't come that easy or quickly. So have patience!

Another thing I've been looking forward to is to see what outfits Michelle Obama would wear today. I know she didn't just pick out the first outfit she was presented. It's a big day - the whole world is watching and some outfits may send a wrong signal. I'm still looking forward to see what see will be wearing later to all the parties tonight. I'll be up late tonight!

Well, we have already seen her first outfit of the day. She wore this pale yellow dress with matching coat for the ceremony where Obama swore to serve the american country. It's designed by the Cuban-american designer Isabel Toledo. Her green heels is from Jimmy Choo. I'm kinda disapointed about this outfit. It's too grandma'-ish. It actually makes her look older and less fashionable - and I know she can do so much better! She has such potential to be the most interesting first lady fashion-wise since Jackie O. Here's for hoping that her outfit/dress later will rock my world a bit more.
What do you think of her outfit?

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