Feb 11, 2009

Get some Balmain-light in your closet!

ASOS Zebra Print One Shoulder Jersey Dress, on sale from 38 £ to only 11 £

Asos is pretty good at making cheap clothes that's "inspired" by designer clothes. The latest thing I noticed is the dress on asos.com. It looks a lot like the very famous red-animal printed dress from Balmain - the biggest difference is the lenth of the two dresses and the fact that the animal-print on the Balmain dress is leopard and on the asos dress it's zebra. Oh wait no!... the biggest difference is probably the price!! Get the Asos dress here

Would you buy a Balmain-Asos "copy" like this one?

Balmain Fall 2008

Carine Roitfeld in Balmain Fall 2008 (and her "friend" is also wearing a Balmain dress)

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