Jun 27, 2009

Outfit of the day # 39

Outfit for a birthdayparty for one of my friends. An outside party so I tried to dress a bit after the occassion, but also tried to make it look festive with the curly hair. Look futher down to see the list of where the things are from.


Outfit fra en fødselsdagsfest for en ven. Det var en udendørsfest, så jeg prøvede at være lidt mere praktisk end jeg normalt er hvis man skulle ha' været til cocktailparty (dog får man mig sjældent til at droppe stiletterne til fest). Prøvede derfor at gøre outfittet lidt mere spændende med krøller.

I'm wearing:

Denim leggings from Pieces
White tubetop from H&M
Navy t-shirt from Gina Tricot
Silver statement necklace from H&M
Studded bracelet found on ebay UK
Silver bangles from H&M
Bike chain bracelet from Asos - Get it here
Studded black heels from Zara
Sunglasses from Gina Tricot


stilettolover91 said...

u look beautiful!!! i luv the shoes!!


Miss Jeanett said...

Thank you so much! Yeah, it's one of my pair of favorite heels too!

Pamela said...

perfect x the occasion! nice shoes! love them!

butterfly said...

Fab shoes!

chicamom85 said...

I love them! I like wedges, I am clumsy and the heals make me feel wobbly