Jul 28, 2009

More pics from the set of Gossip Girl

As promissed - more pictures from the set of Gossip Girl (season 3). I'm not loving some of Blairs hairstyle though. I don't think the hair up (and very tight, slick) looks good on her. Otherwise it looks good - can't wait! What about you?


Som lovet - flere billeder fra Gossip Girl-settet (fra sæson 3). Jeg er ikke helt vild med Blairs hårstil på nogle af billederne. Synes ikke det skrabede look klæder hende så godt. Ellers ser godt ud - kan virkelig ikke vente. Hvad med jer?


Erica Leigh said...

i <3 that show (but mostly for the fashion. the plots are a bit ridiculous).

what is vanessa wearing?? it does not look good.

i like the rest of it, in general.

Miss Jeanett said...

I'm not loving her shorts either - but it fit the style of Vanessa.

tonia fashion tour said...

wow...i love the sesond and 4 picture!!!absolutely fabulous style...!!

Lil said...

That bodycon dress that Serena has on is HOT! She looks as though she's been poured right into it!

Love GG, especially Blair.
Thanks for the picks x

Miss Jeanett said...

@ Lil
It's from Hervé Léger and yeah, she looks amazing in it!

@ Tonia
The whole show is so great to watch because of all the amazing outfits!!

Danielle said...


Helene said...

Hey! Yndlingsdame fra en vis serie ved navn "Privileged"! :D Hvis hun også kommer med nu, så kan jeg da SLET ikke vente!


Miss Jeanett said...

@ Helene
Ja, så godt det var hende. Og hun er med - hun dater vist Nate! Så du kan godt glæde dig ;)

Little Bo Peeep said...

O my god I can't wait til the new episode of GG comes out! I love Vanessa's style the most it's just so bold and funky which I love! It's so great though to see the difference in the way the characters dress up!

<33333 who do you like? :D

Miss Jeanett said...

@ Little Bo Peeep
My favorite is without no doubt Blair's style. I love her preppy yet sophisticated look. And I love that you can see on her style that's she's getting older now. She's becoming more grown-up ladylike in her style.