Jul 29, 2009

My sunglasses

A couple of days ago I went through my sunglasses (to pick which ones I was bringing with me to Cyprus) and discovered that I actually have a lot. 1 year ago I've would only had owned 2 pair or something like that. Now I have 10, but I guess it's okay since most of them are from cheap stores like H&M, Asos and Gina Tricot. These I my 5 favorites. The ones I think are the most flattering on me is the H&Ms in the upper left corner and the pair from Gina Tricot.
What do you think? Do you have a lot of sunglasses?


For et par dage siden gloede jeg alle min solbriller igennem (for at finde ud af hvilke jeg skal tage med til Cypern) og opdagede at min "samling" er gået fra 2 til 10 på meget kort tid. Det er egentlig okay, da de fleste af dem er fra billigere mærker som H&M, Asos og Gina Tricot. Det her er mine 5 favoritter. Dem jeg synes er mest flatterende på mig er H&Merne i øverste venstre hjørne og dem fra Gina Tricot.
Hvad synes i? Og har i også mange solbriller?


tonia fashion tour said...

sooo cute post!!!i love the third one and the last one!!!!!
i have 5 sunglasses!!!!
kisses xxx

DaisyChain said...

I love the third pair so much

The Chick said...

Well, I have like 4 pairs that I use. I actually have the same H&M ones as you (the ones in the upper left corners) and I like them a lot. And yep, they look good on you :)

I also have my Rayban Wayfarers and two pairs of Rayban Aviators (in black and in brown). So I guess that's all I need. But you can never get enough sunglasses :)

Cool blog by the way. Nice reading... Funny that you also live in Odense! :)

Mikkel said...

I would go for the top middle ones - but that's mainly because I've never quite understood the whole "enormous sunglasses" hype... In my opinion, they just make people look like, they've just had their heads shrunken :-)