Apr 26, 2009

New genius Lady Gaga

I don't know what to say. I'm speechless. Lady Gaga is a genius and here she proves it. This is an amazing version of her own upcoming single "Paparazzi". And what a voice! She did the same thing with her single "Pokerface" and I blogged about that version too. I love that she gives her own songs this kind of treatment. You HAVE to watch this!

Jeg ved ikke helt hvad jeg skal sige, fordi jeg er fuldstændig speechless. Lady Gaga er et geni og det beviser hun her. Dette er en fantastisk version a hendes kommende single "Paparazzi". Hun lavede også hendes single "Pokerface" om til en slow-version og det har jeg også blogget om før. Jeg er helt vild med at hun gør det her ved sine egne sange. Du bliver simpelthen nød til at se den her video!


Anne said...

I love her!! That voice is so amazing, unbelievable! I wanna go to a concert where she plays all her songs like that! Would be awesome!

Miss Jeanett said...

I'm totally having a Lady Gaga-crush these days too. She's giving a concert in DK on the 31st of august. I'm in Cyprus so I can't go :(