Aug 15, 2009

Outfit of the day # 48

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This was my outfit from yesterday. I bought this sequin vest a long time ago. I just haven't used it yet so I thought it was time. Tried to make a casual and everyday outfit look more fun. Who says you can't wear a sequin vest without going to a party?!
Look futher down to see where the things I'm wearing are from.


Her er gårsdagens outfit. Jeg købte palietvesten for en del tid siden efterhånden. Jeg har simpelthen bare ikke fået det brugt, så jeg tænkte det var ved at være tid. Jeg prøvede, at tage et casual hverdags outfit og gøre det lidt mere sjovt. Fordi hvem siger, at man ikke kan gå i palietter til hverdag?!
Se hvor de ting jeg har på er fra lige hernede på listen.

What I'm wearing:

Denim shorts from Vero Moda
Black sequin vest from H&M
White t-shirt from Asos - Get it here
Black heels with button-detail on the heel from Friis & Company


Echoes said...

Palietter SKAL bruges om hverdagen, jeg går også med mine leggings til hverdag :)

Miss Jeanett said...

Du har ret! Det gør en simpel mandag-torsdag lidt sjovere! ;)

stilettolover91 said...

O wow!!! U look AMAZING!!!! I love the outfit & the pumps are HOT!

Miss Jeanett said...

THANK YOU so much! I love the pumps too - they're so comfy even though they're heels.

Lina said...

HII! Im new to blogging and all that jazz but i couldn't help coming across your page! and im so glad i did, your blog is so insightful and what i love is that your outfits are both stylish yet very classic. I have to agree with the above posters, black pumps is a always do.
I'm so sorry if this will annoy you but as I'm new to blogging, would you have any advice?


Miss Jeanett said...

@ Lina
I'm glad too, that you came by my site. You're very good at commenting - and that makes blogging so much more fun for me! And thanks for your kind words.
Hmmm... advice? Try to keep your site looking personal, yet not too sloppy. My best advice is really to let your personality shine through - that's what makes your blog special and make people wanna come back. And good luck with all the blogging! :)